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Gutter Cleaning

Do you need gutter cleaning in Boise, Idaho?

Boise Idaho is known as ‘The City of Trees’ and we love it here! However, our canopy of trees will quickly cover our yards, our roofs, and fills up our gutters with debris that must be cleaned out.

SEA Clear Professional services has a team of seasoned professionals working full time in Boise cleaning gutters. We specialize in all sorts of cleaning operations. We are fully insured and well equipped to clean gutters in Boise and throughout the treasure valley which includes gutter cleaning in Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa.



Why is important to clean your gutters?

Removal of Debris – As debris builds up in your gutters, it prevents water from flowing freely do your downspouts. This also causes your rain gutters to get heavy which is one of the most common causes of water intrusion into your home, sagging gutters, and damage to your gutter system causing poor performance or holding water.

Prevents Mosquitos – Gutters that contain excessive debris regularly cause cutters to sag from the weight of waterlogged debris and added weight of the rain run-off during a rain event. This causes pooling of water within your gutter which a popular mosquito breeding ground.

Prevents Damage to Your Foundation – When gutters are not functioning correctly, we regularly see water overflowing or dripping down in places other than the down spouts. The gutter and down spout system is designed to remove water away from the house.  When water continues to drip and/or accumulate along the side of a house, it can cause saturation of the soils around and under the foundation of a home which can accelerate problems associated with cracking and settling foundations.

Prevents Damage to Your Home
When gutters are not functioning properly, it can cause water to damage facia boards, to run down the side of your home, or damage siding at the base of your home along from water splashing along the drip line. Water can also overflow into the soffit which lies under the overhang of a roof and into your walls.  This is a very real problem and if you think you may have water intruding into your home, always feel for wetness inside your home at the base of the wall and below your suspected problem area.  Wet carpet or sheetrock is always an early indicator.

Prevents Ice Build-up
Ice is the primary cause of gutter damage in Boise and is almost always attributed to the failure of a gutter to drain properly during the winter due to the build-up of debris. As snow melts off your roof, it will often freeze once it gets into the shade offered within a gutter if it cannot drain away quickly.  Once ice starts building up, you have what are called ice dams.  Ice dams can cause water intrusion into the walls of a home as gutters become encased in ice.  This can also cause a gutter to pull off your roof or failure to function properly.

We also install Gutter Guards in Boise


One of the best ways to prevent problems associated with dirty gutters is to prevent them from getting debris inside them to begin with!

If you need to purchase and install gutter guards in Boise, we can help! Get a quote today